Dredge Watch

Atchafalaya River Crewboat Cut/Bay/Bar - Dredge commenced April 11, 2019 and completed as of January 20, 2020.  Click here for updated surveys of the area.

Bayou Chene - Contract is being delayed because funding was reduced by approximately $10+ million to to supplement funding for significant overruns caused by extreme high water on Contract 18-C-0051.  Decision on best use of FY20 project funding will have to be carefully evaluated once FY20 funding picture becomes clearer after Work Plan allocations are determined.  No guarantee of additional funds

Atchafalaya River Bar Channel - Contract awarded to BRICE Civil Constructors September, 2018.  M/V Dredge Capt. John E. Graham has been on site since January 1, 2020 and operating satisfactory.

Berwick Harbor - Shoaling in Berwick Harbor was significant during high water season and the Dredge Ingenuity arrived November 14, 2019 and worked 20 Grand Point, Tidewater Point, Morgan City Dock East, Bayou Shaffer and Berwick Bay Harbor, with completion on January 12, 2020.  Without additional funding from supplemental or some other source, effective dredging in the harbor will not be possible until funds are received.


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