Next regular meeting of the Morgan City Harbor and Terminal District is Monday, October 14, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the Port's Emergency Operations Center at 7327 Highway 182, Morgan City, LA 70380

Dredge Watch

    • Atchafalaya River Crewboat Cut/Bay/Bar - Dredge commenced April 11, 2019.  Contractor has completed the Crewboat Cut reach and moved downstream to Atchafalaya Bay Channel reach.  Dredge had to come in due to inclement weather with Tropical Storm Barry but has returned to the job as of 07/17 at 9:45 a.m. Re-shoaling was occurring at the Crewboat Cut reach so the contractor will return to re-sweep this area at the end of the contract in August/September.  Mod#3 is being processed to add $5,920,190 (approximately $2.3 million CY) to the contract.  Port contributed $1,250,000 was received and will be used to supplement this dredging effort.
    • Bayou Chene - Contract is being delayed because funding will be reduced by approximately $10+ million to to supplement funding for significant overruns caused by extreme high water on Contract 18-C-0051.
    • Atchafalaya River Bar Channel - Contract awarded to BRICE Civil Constructors September, 2018 and contractor is expected to commence dredging operations in September 2019.  M/V Dredge Capt. John E. Graham is at Halimar Shipyards undergoing modifications to become operable dredge.  Task Order #1 expected to be issued in August 2019.
    • Berwick Harbor - Shoaling in Berwick Harbor has been significant this high water season with some areas already showing nearly plus 3' elevation on the latest surveys.  Corps has only limited funding to address Berwick Harbor, Stouts Pass and other MR&T funded dredging this FY due to significantly reduced project funding for FY2019 in combination with a protracted ongoing high river event.  FY20 President's budget is $10.965M.

Latest News

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    InterMoor is pleased to announce they have renewed the lease at their fabrication facility in Morgan City, Louisiana. Originally inaugurated in 2011, the 24-acre facility was subsequently expanded...
  • Coast Guard unit gets a new home
    Coast Guard unit gets a new...
    Port of Morgan City and U.S. Coast Guard officials held a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday to celebrate Marine Safety Unit Morgan City moving in to the port’s Emergency Operations Center on La. 182...